A Lovely Loser

Recently, a new artist named Jason Gray visited Love 89 to meet with the staff, sing/play a few of his songs, and promote his debut album. For some reason I decided to join this meeting (I usually don’t participate in them)—and am I glad I did!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of most Christian artists. So many aspects of the Christian music industry are controlled by secular values, shaky theology, and fame-entranced pride. Jason Gray definitely breaks this horrendous mold. He’s like a blast of cool, fresh air in a scorching desert wasteland. (If that’s hyperbole, it’s understated hyperbole.)

Jason Gray’s music impresses me. His songs are excellent, with lyrics that are both simple and profound, revealing a theological depth not readily found in Christian music. One song in particular dealt with the amazing nature of God’s grace to undeserving sinners. He approaches the topic through the eyes of a man who finds himself being loved by a girl named Grace who has no reason to delight in a wretch like him. The song is amazing!

The overarching theme of his album, All the Lovely Losers, deals with brokenness, and how God blesses us in our weaknesses. You see, Jason was abused as a child and developed a stuttering problem that he has to this day (although it seems to evaporate when he sings). He is a man who has chosen to glory in his weaknesses so that God’s grace can be magnified. During our meeting, he wasn’t afraid to take shots at himself, revealing a sincere and delightful humility—and a good sense of humor.

When the meeting was over, everyone on staff crowded around Jason’s agent, leaving Jason and me alone to talk for fifteen or twenty minutes. Sometimes you just hit it off with certain people, and this was one such example. As we talked, I was increasingly amazed by his commitment to sound doctrine and his heart for the hurting. I’m definitely a fan!

All the Lovely Losers comes out on March 6. I would recommend pre-ordering a copy today. You can do so here. And you can preview a few of his songs at his MySpace page.