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A Tale of Two Sexual Assaults on Jennifer Lawrence

The first assault against Jennifer Lawrence was heavily discussed in the news and on social media. It resulted in an FBI investigation, subsequent prosecution, and an  upcoming sentencing . The second assault has received similar coverage, but more as a human interest piece than anything else. The legal ramifications of this second incident are practically nonexistent. The overall response to the first assault was outrage. The response to the second was indifference. What were these two incidents? The first, as you may have guessed, was the 2014 iCloud hack in which private/nude photos of several female celebrities, including Lawrence, were stolen and published online. The second incident involved the filming of Jennifer Lawrence’s first sex scene (for the sci-fi movie Passengers ). Let me set the stage by sharing three similarities between the photo hack and the sex scene. First, in the aftermath of the photo hack, Lawrence experienced anxiety. “I was just so afraid,” sh