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LINCOLN (2012) – Film Review

When I began blogging in 2006, the blog title I settled on, “Four Scores and Seven Films Ago,” captured my love of three elements: instrumental film scores, movies, and American history—with an obvious nod to Abraham Lincoln. Since Lincoln is one of my favorite American presidents, I ecstatically welcomed the rumors of an upcoming film about him. Harrison Ford searching for Lincoln’s assassin? Heck, yes! Of course, the movie that actually made it to theaters varied drastically from the initial rumors that got me excited. Nevertheless, a Spielberg-directed effort appeared worthy of attention. Using the review format I developed last year , here are my thoughts. CONTENT (C): 9 out of 10 Objectionable content is down to a bare minimum. The most violent aspects of the film are the opening battle sequence (which, while short, is still grisly) and a scene involving the disposal of several amputated limbs. Regrettably, a couple instances of brief and strong profanity litter the fil

Keeping Up with the Mondays

My friend Trillia Newbell recently and graciously invited me to contribute to her online magazine . I ended up writing about the cure that I had found for “the Mondays.” You can read the article here . Additional thanks to bloggers Tim Challies and David Murray for their kind endorsements.