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Is it My Job to “Rescue” Women Who Undress for the Camera?

From a concerned reader (with a few slight edits): Your argument robs adult women of agency because it says outright that they are not consenting and implies they cannot consent . It infantilizes adult women and asserts that they can only be protected by men with a white knight impulse. We’re getting into an area where women are regarded as little more than sheep, being led by whatever crook is nearest. As regular visitors know, over the past few years I have focused much of my blog’s attention on how the entertainment industry places pressure on actors to perform nude and/or sex scenes for audiences. It’s a problem that is at once both tacitly acknowledged and blithely ignored. I have argued further that those who suffer most under this burden are actresses. With my emphasis on women, some readers have responded with major concerns. I am both thankful for and alarmed by this feedback, because the quoted critique above is not what I have meant to communicate. Not at al