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When Sexualized Nudity is No Longer an Oddity

Film critic James Berardinelli recently performed a non-scientific survey of nudity in film and television, comparing various factors involving R-rated films and TV fare. What he found was this: since the year 2000, onscreen nudity in films has dropped significantly, while television (including cable, Netflix, and has experienced an “explosion of adult-oriented content.” Says Berardinelli , …because the FCC lacks dominion over cable and Internet, there are no content restrictions. [For example,] Game of Thrones can have an exposition dump while naked characters are engaged in an orgy in the background. . . . The Internet essentially ruined the value of gratuitous nudity [in movies] because now anything in a theater seemed tame compared to what could be seen at home on a computer screen. Wise and winsome Christian commentary is essential in helping believers appropriately engage with our culture on this topic. Toward that end, I submit a recently-posted YouTube vi

How “A Million Dreams” Brilliantly Foreshadows the Entire Plot of ‘The Greatest Showman’

Yes, I am still on a Greatest Showman kick. Cut me some slack, though. My wife and I only saw it for the first time just under three weeks ago. The soundtrack still plays almost daily in our home, providing near endless opportunities for our toddlers to daintily prance and spin as they sing along with “The Circus Man” (as they gleefully call him). Besides, for someone who’s as unhip as myself , it makes sense that I would be taken in by such an uncool ( according to critics ), and yet wildly popular ( according to general audiences ), movie. So, what is my point in writing another post about this particular film? To gush like a fanboy who has staked a personal claim to gold-encrusted, front-row seats on the Greatest Showman bandwagon? Not exactly. (That’s just a happy side effect.) The point of this blog post is to…well, point out a unique aspect of the song “A Million Dreams.” After listening to this song a bajillion times (give or take a few), I’ve noticed something extraor

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN (2017) – Film Review

I am posting this review five months to the day after the movie’s initial theatrical release. The DVD has been out in stores for almost a month. Most everyone else in the world is now discussing a current, record-breaking theatrical release (something about “to infinity and beyond,” or close to it). Why am I drawing attention to The Greatest Showman when most everyone else has moved on? There are a couple reasons. First, I only just now saw the movie—at the behest of my wife (for previously disclosed reasons ), without whom I would never have given this film the time of day, let alone my undivided attention. And second, timing is not one of my strong suits. As a reminder, I rate movies based on three criteria: objectionable content (C), artistic merit (A), and my personal opinions (P). CONTENT (C): 9.5 out of 10 In a recent Forbes interview , actor Hugh Jackman and songwriters Justin Paul and Benj Pasek reveal that they had a specific demographic in mind. Says Jac