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Imaginary Pitch Meeting for ‘Redeeming Love’

If you haven’t watched any of the Pitch Meeting comedy videos by Ryan George , you’re missing out. In each video, George pokes fun at a given movie’s plot holes and logical inconsistencies, framed by an imaginary discussion between a film producer and a screenwriter. (He plays the parts of both individuals, cutting the footage together so that his characters are talking to each other.) The screenwriter pitches a story idea while the producer interjects with various questions and comments. The results are often hilarious. For a stellar example of this setup, you can watch the pitch meeting for Watchmen  in the embedded video at the end of this post. In the spirit of Ryan George’s videos, I have written a pitch meeting for the faith-based film Redeeming Love . As such, the discussion below is an imaginary conversation between a Hip and Edgy Christian Screenwriter (HECS) and a Priggish, Obtuse Producer Crazy about Oscars, Ratings, and Notoriety (POPCORN). Enjoy! --------------------