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A QUIET PLACE (2018) – Film Review

Full disclosure: I am not a fan of horror films. There’s a place for the horror genre, as author Mike Duran recently explained , but it’s not a genre I typically enjoy. A large part of the reason is that I hate jump scenes; they unnerve me to an excruciatingly unpleasant degree. (Think of a fainting goat, but preceded by a Ringwraith-like scream of fear.) So when I saw ads for A Quiet Place , I had no plans to see it. Why would I? The last movie I’d seen in theaters that had any real horror elements was Cloverfield —and that was ten years ago. It would take a unique set of circumstances to lure me into a darkened movie theater for a terror-stricken stroll down Horror Movie Lane. But then the reviews started coming in, and the more I heard from people I follow and trust, the more intrigued I became. Evidently, A Quiet Place wasn’t your typical horror film, for several reasons—reasons that made me think I might actually want to see it. Over the last couple weeks, my excitement