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Rap Music: When Comedy Meets Poignancy

It may surprise some to discover that hip hop is one of my favorite genres of music. I love instrumental motion picture scores more than anything else, but rap is near the top. In fact, I’ve played around with the possibility of writing and recording some of my own rap music. If I did, you could then call me by my hip hop name: Skittles. (M&M is already taken…sort of.) Rap songs have the unique ability to contain boatloads of information, which, depending on how the format is utilized, can lend itself well to either serious and weighty meditation or outlandish humor. I love both uses. As such, I wanted to share some of my favorite rap songs/videos with you. I don’t necessarily think these are the cream of the crop from an aesthetic standpoint—only that I myself enjoy them immensely. I’ve divided my list into two groups: humorous rap songs and serious rap songs. We’ll start with the humorous ones first. Top 5 Humorous Rap Songs 5. “Yo Mama Battle (of Compliments)”

Why Don’t More Christians Like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY?

Let me tell you about a film that’s garnered a lot of publicity. The story revolves around a wealthy and debonair businessman with serious control issues. His sexual tastes involve perverse fantasies, but he gets what he wants because he’s rich, powerful, and handsome. In telling this story, the movie doesn’t shy away from depictions of the sex act. The audience is inundated with sex, in fact. The debauchery is enough to make a lot of people sick, either with revulsion, pleasure, or a mixture of both. Do you think I’m talking about Fifty Shades of Grey ? Actually, I’m referring to The Wolf of Wall Street , which came out on DVD just last year. Many prominent Christian critics loved WoWS , as I pointed out earlier . Fifty Shades of Grey , on the other hand, has been either ignored or condemned. And yet there are some glaring similarities in how both movies handle sex. They both employ stylistic techniques that were labeled as hardcore porn just a few decades ago. These