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Holiday Causes Moral Dilemma for Area Teen

KNOXVILLE, TN – Halloween is upon us again and 13-year-old Knoxville native Martin Erasmus Hinn is in turmoil. “I always hate this time of year,” he told the Doxology Press during an interview on Sunday afternoon. “Each year, I face the same problem: how can I get through October 31 without offending at least one of my parents?” You see, Martin’s procreators are both confessing Protestants, but while Mr. Hinn adheres to Reformed doctrine, Mrs. Hinn is a staunch Arminian. “Opposites attract, alright,” Martin mused. “They attract controversy. I mean, my parents couldn’t even agree on what name to give me. The anomaly they came up with is a twisted compromise that haunts me to this day.”

Named after Desiderius Erasmus (proponent of free will) and Martin Luther (proponent of free grace), Martin Erasmus Hinn (who prefers to be called Mr. H) has been plagued with identity issues ever since he can remember. “My father wanted me to attend the local Lutheran school, while my mom preferred the …

Appreciating Film Score Music

Film scores are usually composed in a matter of weeks and the most ambitious films contain no more than 20 or so major themes. Composer Howard Shore, however, spent a minimum of twelve months on each of the Lord of the Rings films. In translating the rich tapestry of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth into musical expression, Shore also incorporated more than 50 different themes and motifs. The amount of research that went into creating this superb music defies comprehension. Consider this one excerpt from the “Music of The Lord of the Rings Films” booklet:

Gollum’s wretched theme is intertwined with the music for the History of the One Ring, which sighs the films to life with two prolonged rising pitches, a half-step apart. This same rising half-step can be heard in the Evil of the Ring/Sauron theme and, inverted, in the martial, clangorous music of Isengard. Isengard, however, inverts the figure, dipping down a half-step, then returning upwards, a figure that dead-sets it against the Fellowship …

Sola Scriptura, Part 2

In chapter 8 of When I Don’t Desire God, Piper discusses how to “wield the word” in the fight for joy. One key strategy is Bible memorization. He quotes author Dallas Willard:

Bible memorization is absolutely fundamental to spiritual formation. If I had to choose between all the disciplines of the spiritual life, I would choose Bible memorization, because it is a fundamental way of filling our mind with what it needs. This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth. That’s where you need it! How does it get in your mouth? Memorization.
Piper then says,

The joy-producing effects of memorizing Scripture and having it in my head and heart are incalculable. The world and its God-ignoring, all-embracing secularism is pervasive. In invades my mind every day. What hope is there to have a mind filled with Christ except to have a mind filled with his Word? I know of no alternative.
A few pages later, Piper explains why he places so much emphasis on this practice:

I spend this much time on B…

How Hopeless Are You?

For a period of about three years (back in the mid-90’s), Bob Kauflin woke up every morning with the same thought: Your life is completely hopeless. Click here to discover what God showed him about hopelessness.

Spam: the Silver Lining

I think we can all agree that spam is evil. If Adam and Eve had been created in our age, the first result of the Fall would have been Adam’s inbox being flooded with spam.

Well, I recently received an unsolicited email that is well worth reading. It is filled with garbled sentences that make absolutely no sense, albeit in a hilarious fashion. I have posted a few examples below for your reading enjoyment.

When an orbiting buzzard trembles, a wheelbarrow hides.When a garbage can is ridiculously feline, another chessboard over a wedding dress graduates from a highly paid carpet tack.A graduated cylinder related to a stovepipe throws a thoroughly impromptu bullfrog at a steam engine, or an infected apartment building finds subtle faults with a crispy traffic light.If the customer beyond a chessboard sells some minivan about the traffic light to some greasy blood clot, then a knowingly treacherous salad dressing panics.If a non-chalantly incinerated insurance agent plays pinochle with an oft…

“Together for the Gospel” This Is Not

In a unique display of symmetry, John Piper and Michael Jackson have teamed up to espouse the Biblical doctrine of total depravity. Okay, not really…but kind of. Check it out.

(Thanks to Tony Carter for providing the link on his blog.)

Sola Scriptura

Over the past few weeks, God has been working on my heart in a couple of areas. One of them is a growing appreciation for Scripture.

I think it started when I picked up John Piper’s book, When I Don’t Desire God, which I’m still working through. This book is phenomenal and I would highly recommend it. (And if you’re completely strapped for cash, you can read the book online at the above link.) Chapter 7 is entitled, “The Worth of God’s Word in the Fight for Joy.” In this chapter, Piper details ten reasons why Scripture is so valuable. I don’t think I have ever read any other work that has so impressed upon my heart how valuable God’s Word is—and how desperate I am for it. (I won’t share the ten points here because I think you would most benefit from reading the chapter—and book!—yourself.) For it is in Scripture where God most clearly reveals Himself to me as my ultimate goal and my ultimate joy. As Piper says,

God can and does show himself in other ways, especially through the works of…

Back to the Future—er, Past

I have been consistently and notoriously behind the times since, well, forever. (Maybe that’s a contradiction in terms.) I have yet to purchase an iPod or any form of portable audio device, unless you count the Walkman I owned a couple hundred years ago. The only reason I have a DVD player is because someone gave it to me for free. I still do my writing on a glorified Etch-A-Sketch. (Granted, it’s a bona fide computer, but not much of one.) And as you all know, I recently—or finally—purchased my first cell phone. I guess you could say I’m stuck in the past.

It may come as no surprise, then, that I bought my first video game soundtrack only last week. I’ve loved film scores for over a decade but I haven’t dabbled in any related subgenre. So yeah, purchasing my first game score was pretty exciting. I felt like I had burst onto the stage of the Modern Age.

The CD is Mercenaries, composed by Michael Giacchino and Chris Tilton. And yes, it rocks. Great themes and orchestration, and some magn…

The Doctrine of (Political) Election

I’ve been finding it hard to decide on who to vote for in the upcoming elections. If you are a registered voter (and if you’re 18 or older you should be) and are struggling with the same dilemma, here are some thoughts from Robert P. George. Keep in mind that he grew up Democrat and “still feels twinges of nostalgia” for the party.

So, however much one might dislike Republican policies in other areas, it’s clear that the death toll [of unborn children] under the Democrats would be so large as to make it unreasonable for Catholic citizens, or citizens of any faith who oppose the taking of innocent human life, to use their votes and influence to help bring the Democratic party into power.

I find no cause for joy in this. I wish that it were possible for pro-life citizens legitimately to support Democratic candidates. I wish that the party of my parents and grandparents had not placed itself on the wrong side of the most profound human rights issue of our contemporary domestic politics. I …

Spreading the Love

Many of you have probably heard the news, but Love 89’s Sharathon was the most productive Sharathon in the radio station’s history. Our goal was $560,000. By the final evening, listeners had pledged over $590,000. This means we not only have our budge for this year, but we can also begin the process of building two new transmitters (one in Morristown and one in Lenoir City), with a possible third tower sometime later. Everyone on staff has been greatly encouraged by God’s abundant faithfulness.