Don’t “Date and Drive”

Here’s something for the guys (although girls can probably benefit as well): go read the article Stop Test-Driving Your Girlfriend. Whether you are in a relationship or not, author Michael Lawrence gives an outstanding answer to the question, “How do I know if she’s the one?” In fact, it’s the best answer I’ve ever heard. Two years ago—heck, two months ago—I would have balked at what this article says. Even now, it’s a strong and sturdy kick in the rumple seat. But by God’s grace, it’s helping me be transformed by the renewing of my mind. Check it out—and while you’re at it, listen to Superman Returns if you haven’t already (see link in previous post).


Anonymous said…

You make some excellent points. I am an apprentice in The Bethlehem Institute (a training program run by Pastors John Piper and Tom Steller). Based on your post here, I think my book With One Voice (endorsed by Albert Mohler, Bruce Ware, and others) might be of interest to you. You can find information about it by clicking on my name to get to my website.

Blessings to you,
Squatty said…
Good resource, Cap. This is a very good article, very convicting and challenging.
Hey, thanks for the good post. Test driving girl/guy-friends seems to be one of the biggest hobbies around (outside of bedding them). That's unfortunate.

I'm glad you enjoy my site. Film music is kind of a neglected art in the world today. Not many still appreciate it; but I do, and I love providing a resource of news and reviews to those who like soundtracks, too.

God bless you, man!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the link to this article. I think that women should also read this for the purpose of knowing how to look for a Godly man. Not only is it important for men to know the Godly way to date and consider marriage, but it is also important for women to know what to look for and the proper way to respond to a Godly man. It was an excellent article rooted in the Word of God. Thank you for posting it. :)
In Him and for His Glory,
Anonymous said…

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david r.