Euphonious Everwood

As is true with all television shows, Everwood couldn’t last forever. After four seasons, it has ended. Not only did the show involve splendid writing (in particular, the banter between Doctors Abbot and Brown was priceless) and superb acting (especially by Emily VanCamp), it included a wonderful musical score by Blake Neely. You can listen to the Season 1 main theme here. Great music. (In fact, we used the score from episode 306, “Shoot The Moon,” as a temp track for the documentary A Weakness Worth Boasting.)

At the end of the season—and show—finale, we got to see Ephram and Amy together…again…forever…finally. It took them long enough—like, foreverwood. (You might think that’s just a bad pun, but it is actually the title of the final episode. So, it’s a bad pun with thematic significance.)