An Exciting Announcement about My Next Public Work

With the publication of my essay “When Art Becomes Sinful” in the book Cultural Engagement (Zondervan, 7/9/19), I am now working to further promote an often-overlooked message that seems to hit a nerve every time I write about it. Toward that end, I am creating an online course that will help people find greater clarity and freedom in addressing entertainment choices with hypersexual content (nudity, sex scenes, etc.). This material will enable Christians to better understand, evaluate, and engage with sexualized media.

Some content from previous blog posts and articles will be repurposed, but a large portion of the material in this course will be completely new. Beta testing of the course will commence in a month or two, during which a select and generous group of authors, pastors, and artists have agreed to provide me with feedback.

As it now stands, this material will be divided into 12 lessons. Each lesson will include the following components:

1) Video content

Video introductions will set goals and expectations for the lesson, enabling course takers to maximize their benefit from the content. There might be video modules that discuss the related movie as well.

2) Written content that addresses a specific subject

Each lesson will have an article roughly 1,500 words in length, tailor made for this course. Using a mixture of original content and industry insider perspectives, the written portion of the course will challenge a particular status quo related to the course’s overall subject. This content will probably settle comfortably in the PG-13 realm, with sometimes frank discussions of sexual topics. If you’re familiar with my blog and article writing, you should know what to expect.

It’s possible that I’ll also create audio versions of all the written content so that people can choose to listen to each lesson rather than read it. Market research and beta testing will help me better ascertain if such a feature would prove valuable to users.

3) Related Bible verses to read/study

The regular course content will sometimes refer to Biblical passages and principles, but there will always also be a short list of Scriptural passages that will allow people to further evaluate the course content from an eternal perspective.

4) An optional movie to watch as a complement to the lesson’s theme

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is rife with sexual themes and situations handled poorly. Much content is obscene, gratuitous, or salacious (or a mixture of all three). Nevertheless, just as Scripture itself often deals with sexual situations, the world of cinema has given us some prudently powerful demonstrations of sexual material. I want to expose people to some worthy explorations of sexual content that not only avoid titillation but also powerfully portray the beauties of sex as designed by God and the horrors of sex gone awry. Each lesson will therefore be accompanied by a movie that accents the lesson’s theme.

5) Questions for review/discussion

In addition to the above material, these questions will help people more effectively soak in the content of each lesson, applying principles and practices to their own hearts and lives.


My goals for course completion can be broken down as follows:
  • August: complete course content
  • September: beta readers will evaluate and provide feedback on the material
  • October: film and edit the video portions of the course
  • November: initial launch of the course (likely a soft open)
Depending on various and sundry factors (market research, scope of revisions needed after beta testing, etc.), my main advertising push might not take place until early 2020. In any case, I am enjoying the process of interacting with organizations and magazines and exploring different advertising options.


I put the word “exciting” in the title of this post for one reason: I’m excited! It’s kind of like getting to announce that I’m pregnant—except without any of the physical and emotional stress that come from actual human gestation. Of course, if this online class is like a child, then I’m technically using my child for slave labor. Okay, so it’s not really like being pregnant at all. But I’m still excited.

If my excitement is even the least bit contagious, there is one request I have for you. To test market interest, I have posted a 5-minute survey (embedded below) to get a better feel for how you think a course like this would benefit you and/or the people you know. Your assistance will provide invaluable help, enabling me to better develop the course content for maximum impact. (You can skip the description of the course at the beginning of the survey since youve read through this blog post.)

If you could take the next five minutes and take the survey now, I would be much obliged. Thank you in advance for your participation!

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