From College Classroom to…Cable?

Who would have known that a measly school project would get so much attention? No one is more surprised than my co-producer and I that God has shown us so much favor. In the last couple years, our documentary has garnered the attention of the Knoxville News Sentinel (including a favorable article by Betsy Pickle!), Carmike Wynnsong 16, Avid Technology Inc., and now cable television.

A few months ago, the 700 Club gave me a call from out of the blue and requested permission to use some footage from our film in an upcoming feature on the Moeller Family. After navigating through the legalities, we were able to work out an agreement.

The segment, “Little Miracle Morgan,” aired on CBN yesterday. Both the transcript and the video are now available online. The producers of the show ended up using a lot of our B-roll footage and Brendan Anderson’s original score. Personally, I like our film better—but what would you expect? Any parent thinks his child is the cutest thing in the world, even if it’s dirt ugly.

So what will happen next? Maybe we’ll get a movie deal with Steven Spielberg. Or...maybe not.