So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It

You’ve probably seen several (if not all) of the GEICO caveman commercials. They’re priceless. Well, you might not be aware that these persecuted primates have their own interactive website: It’s hilarious. There’s lots of stuff to view and participate in on the site. And just when you think you’ve gone through all the material, you find new stuff. My favorite part of the website is helping the cavemen decide what clothes to wear for the party. Their responses to some of the suggestions you make are ingeniously funny.

If you need a refresher, here are the links to all the commercials (minus the “party scene” one that makes absolutely no sense):

Complaint (“Four feet by five feet”? What kind of screen ratio fiasco is that?)
CNN Interview
Boom Operator
Therapist (featuring none other than Talia Shire—i.e., Adrian from the Rocky movies)

And don’t forget that little feature about playing golf.