Read the Sandwich

I just stumbled across a great website: The Sacred Sandwich, a “periodical for small town Christians in the big bad world.” The mock news headlines are creative and entertaining. For example, check out WARREN UNVEILS THE R.I.C.K. PLAN ON HUMILITY.

Here’s a quote from the disclaimer page: “Despite the tongue-in-cheek style, The Sacred Sandwich’s main objective is to herald the sufficiency of Scripture as one of the surest means in which the visible Church might humble herself to God’s will and enjoy true spiritual revival.”

Other sections of the newspaper include the following:

  • Food for Thought, with numerous articles by authors—living and dead—that call the church back to sound doctrine.
  • The Twin Theologians, where Maruice and Emmett answer questions sent in by readers (and yes, hilarity ensues).
  • The Bohemian Baptist: Correspondence from a Postmodern Heretic, a column with articles such as, I DON’T BELIEVE THAT ANYONE CAN BELIEVE IN A NON-BELIEF SYSTEM.
  • Photo Gallery. You have to see the comic brilliance of these pictures/captions to believe them. This is one of my favorites. And it seems that no one is safe from parody—not Tim LaHaye, Dan Brown, or even VeggieTales.

So-called “holy humor” oftentimes has the unpleasant distinction of being dumb (at worst) and corny (at best). Kudos to The Sacred Sandwich, which bucks the trend and makes “clean” and “clever” practically synonymous.