The Da Vinci Code “Other-cott”

Barbara Nicolosi is a Christian screenwriter in Hollywood with a solid head on her shoulders. Her proposal to the Christian community for this weekend? Other-cott The Da Vinci Code. Yes, that’s “other-cott”—not “boycott.” Boycotting the movie only gives it free publicity. Simply not going to see the movie makes no difference. Going to see the movie is, in essence, financially supporting a blatant attack on Christ and His Church. What does have the potential to make a difference is for Christians to go see an alternate movie this Friday (or, at the very least, sometime this weekend). The one family-oriented film being released is Over the Hedge.

Believers went in droves to financially support The Passion of the Christ and it became one of the ten highest grossing films of all time. If these same believers go see Over the Hedge on Friday, The Da Vinci Code’s opening weekend will be a huge financial disappointment. Check out the link above, or go directly to the official other-cott website for answers to questions like “But how can I respond to the movie if I don’t see it?” and “Isn’t this a great evangelism moment for the Church?”

I’m organizing a Da Vinci Code other-cott for those of us in Knoxville. I’ll be sending out a mass e-mail later today giving the details. If you don’t receive the e-mail and want to participate, let me know.

For those interested, here are some links to specific issues related to the movie…

It’s just fiction. People won’t really take it seriously...right? Wrong.

Dan Brown believes what he wrote is historically accurate; to him, it is not “just fiction” (although I do not agree with this author’s organization of boycotts)

The release of The Da Vinci Code is not a great opportunity for a “dialogue” with people; they aren’t on a “search for truth.”

Instead of toning down the controversial elements in the book, director Ron Howard went in the opposite direction: he made it more controversial.