Providence and Nature

I’m at chapter six in Trusting God, a chapter that deals with God’s power over nature. My first thought was to skip it because I didn’t think the chapter would have anything applicable to my current circumstances. I’m glad I rejected my initial impulse. Jerry Bridges talks about how many of us—even those who believe in the complete sovereignty of God—oftentimes fail to recognize His providence when it comes to the weather. We view instances of rain, frost, wind, etc., as unfortunate occurrences of random conditions. How many times have I complained about the weather, obliviously and foolishly ignoring the Sovereign hand behind it?

Mr. Bridges makes a simple yet profound point: not only do we sin when we complain about the weather, but we also forfeit the peace that comes from trusting that God is in control of the weather (see Job 37:3, 6, 10-13; Psalm 147:8, 16-18; Jeremiah 10:13; Amos 4:7). (It’s not just the weather, though; God’s control over nature includes things like physical affliction and childlessness.) Wow! This is one area where my trust in God has been completely lacking…and I didn’t even realize it. Praise God for His intricate and complete control over all His creation!