Every story has a beginning

I haven’t been the biggest fan of blogs, as they tend to both waste time and encourage narcissism. That and the fact that there are, like, a gazillion weirdoes out there—you know who you are (in fact, stop reading my blog!)—who gather others’ personal information for devious purposes. I don’t like being used for devious purposes. It’s rather…devious. So, I will not post my social security number, bank account details, blood type, and other personal information for all to view. If you want that kind of stuff, you’ll have to e-mail me. (Ha! Just kidding.) I have preferred message boards, in part because they involve more interaction with others.

Why start a blog now? For several reasons:

1) Everyone else is doing it

2) If I am to maintain my individuality in this world of blogging I must conform to the status quo

3) As a writer, I would like a convenient corner of cyberspace in which to hone my skills

4) As an independent filmmaker who likes to write, I’ve wanted a place to archive my musings on various films and filmmaking issues

5) As an independent filmmaker/writer who has been saved from the wrath of God by the grace of God through the sacrifice of the only begotten Son of God, I enjoy studying theology and discussing how sound doctrine and filmmaking can work together to achieve the glory of God

So, let the belated blogging begin!