Prophecy Cannot Replace Scripture

John Piper argues that the gift of prophecy, while still in use today (as we Reformed charismatics believe), is not the norm for discerning the will of God:

So we are alerted not to carry our enthusiasm for prophecy beyond limits. It is not supposed to become the usual way we make the hundreds of decisions that we must make each day. Why do you think this might be? I think the basic reason is this: if you live your life not on the basis of spiritual wisdom but on the basis of external revelations, you are not compelled to deal so deeply with the corruption of your own heart and mind. It is possible for a servant to hear the commands of his master and do them without really loving his master or being like him. But if the master refrains from telling the servant the details of what he wants done, and simply says, “Go now, and be a good representative for me in what you choose,” then the servant is forced to consider what his master is really like and how deeply his own heart and mind conform to the heart and mind of the master.

Read the entire sermon—including four excellent application points—here.


Anonymous said…
Piper's take on this is interesting. He does give good application points for his view...

In relation to last night's masterpiece,

No doubt. That episode was 24 at its best!

The climax was rather unrealistic

We're talking 24 world here. As such, it was brilliant...