Friday Randomness

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys jump-starting your day with a heavy dose of despair, I recommend a trip to your local Weigel’s. On my way to work this morning I stopped to get some gas, and through the loudspeakers I was serenaded with a country song entitled, “I Let Her Die.” (At least, I’m assuming that was the title of the song; the singer repeated that phrase over and over again.) The song was stuck in my head all the way to work.


Everyone at the Christian Media Center is updating his/her biography. My submission was short and sweet:

I came. I saw. I was. Oh, and I ate. (Not that I’m dead yet or anything.)

My boss didn’t find it acceptable. I’m not sure why.


One of my coworkers came across an unopened Passion of the Christ promotional package today. It contained, among other things, a sheet of music from the original score (composed by John Debney), autographed by Mr. Debney himself! And I get to keep it (probably)! This definitely makes up for having “I Let Her Die” stuck in my head all morning.