It’s That Time of Year Again…

Love 89’s 3-day Sharathon is in full swing, which is especially good for me. Why? Well, because my one responsibility is food quality control. (Technically this is a self-appointed responsibility, but it is a burden I willingly bear.) In other words, I officially test all the catered food that comes in. Nothing is left untouched—er, untasted. Even the Krystal burgers brought in this morning by Krystal Meyers herself were not above inspection. So far, all the food has been approved—even Krystal’s Krystals. (As a side note: try having a conversation about Krystal burgers with someone with Krystal Meyers standing a few feet away; she’ll keep looking over at you, wondering why you’re calling her while not looking at her.)

Here’s to two more days of fabulously free foraging.