Stone Still Full of Surprises—Even Pleasant Ones

In what can be described as a bona fide miracle, Oliver Stone’s World Trace Center is 100% free of conspiracy theories. In fact, the movie is so pro-America and pro-faith that Stone’s own political allies are lambasting him.

On the other hand, James Hirsen at (who actually saw the film) has this to say. But what really has me ecstatic is a review by Cal Thomas. He sums up with these words:

Whatever one thinks of Oliver Stone, the man knows how to make movies. This is one of his best. It deserves an Oscar in so many categories. It also deserves the thanks of a grateful nation. Go and see it beginning Aug. 9 and make him a large profit so he might consider inspiring us again, as his predecessors so often did during Hollywood's Golden Age.

Ever since seeing the trailer, I have had a cautious desire to see World Trade Center. Now I can’t wait! To quote Pixar character Mater: “I’m happier’n a tornado in a trailer park!”