New Weekly Feature

In an effort to infect visitors with my love for film scores, I have decided to implement a weekly feature to this blog. Simply go to my profile page and click on the “audio clip” link, which will play a segment of music from a carefully selected score. Yes, there will be a new clip each and every week!

As a general rule, I’ll try to post clips that are longer than the typical thirty-second samples you find at many sites. Sometimes I may have to use shorter clips, but I want that to be the exception, not the norm. Anyway, to start things off with a flourish, check out the current clip from Cutthroat Island. Sure, the movie may have been a financial and critical flop, but the music is considered to be one of the best swashbuckling scores of all time. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
The soundtrack from "Witness" is really good, as is "The Fighting Temptations". The music in Witness is original, which tends to be more interesting than compilations of popular songs in my opinion, but there's some great gospel music in Temptations.
Anonymous said…
Best regards from NY!
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