Man Burned By Fireworks Tossed Into His Car

Yes, that was the title of a news story I came across on WVLT’s web site today. Now, maybe it makes sense to you. When I first read it, though, I misinterpreted the grammatical structure of the title. This is what my brain computed: a man who was burned by fireworks was tossed into his car. The accompanying mental image was pretty funny.

Of course, the real story was that a man received burn injuries when fireworks were thrown into his vehicle. Then, having been distracted by the patriotic prank, the man proceeded to crash his car. Happy 4th of July indeed. Which makes me wonder: how excited would our Founding Fathers be if they knew we celebrated our country’s liberation by blowing things up? Isn’t that kind of like PETA sponsoring a fur coat exhibition at its annual Christmas party?