Now my license plate (the above title) has a double meaning. My car is indeed the Capmobile, but now Cap has gone mobile as well. Yes, after resisting the technological advances of cell phones for over a decade, I saw sunlight on the Verizon and decided it was time for me to join the club. After all, it’s hard to be cool and not have a cell phone, and coolness is a major objective of mine (second only to godliness). I decided I wanted to get more from life, and an important part of raising the bar was to sign up with people who never stop working for you.

Why did I resist purchasing a cell phone for so long? Well, there are several reasons. One, they’re expensive. Two, they’re expensive. Three, they’re expensive. Okay, so that’s only three reasons. I guess you could combine them all into one reason—namely, I’m a stingy tightwad. Actually, there’s one more reason: cell phones have the tendency to increase one’s daily “faux pas quotient.” Oh, and cell phones also make people crazy.

Anyway, when I prepare to make an important purchase, I like to get all my ducks lined up in a perfectly straight row before I shoot the quack out of them (metaphorically speaking). With help from Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, and several friends, I decided on my service provider, my phone, and the actual store to purchase everything. And I have to admit—I love my new phone. I can take pictures and video and download songs from the Internet. It may have cost a pretty penny, but it’s darn pretty itself. Indeed, the aesthetic value of the sleek design was worth the cost.

I’m already quite attached to my phone. I realized this truth on Wednesday, when I experienced my first “I feel naked without my cell phone” moment. Several of us from work went to Copper Cellar for lunch (it was Wednesday, after all). As we waited outside the restaurant, I reached into my pocket to make a call, only to realize that I forgot my phone in the production studio. The one thing in my pocket was my Chap Stick—and it doesn’t get good reception anywhere—so I was stuck for the entire lunch hour without any WCC (wireless conversation capabilities).

So, I’m officially hooked on cell phones.

I don't have to do this any more


Squatty said…
Cap, my right arm just punched me in the stomach because of your "humor." "I saw sunlight on the Verizon"...come on, Cap. "an important part of raising the bar was to sign up with people who never stop working for you"...I hope you got money for that one.

However, the Chap Stick comment was funny.

Also, both you and I know that there was only 1 reason why you resisted purchasing a phone: The Wind.
Cap Stewart said…
Actually, there are a lot of reasons why I bought the phone. For instance, there

Oh. Right. The Wind.

(Inside joke, people. Don't ask.)