Anyone familiar with that acronym? I remember learning about the concept in my economics class in high school…at least, I think it was high school. (Home school years and grades kinda run together.) Anyway, regardless of what the experts say, we had a lot of “free lunches” (so to speak) at work in the last couple days. Why? Because the pledge drive for EZ 88.3 was going on. I had three free square meals a day for two glorious days (minus dinner on Tuesday because I leave work early on Tuesdays). Yes, we at the Christian Media Center ate like hobbits. Okay, I usually eat like a hobbit, but the last two days I ate like a hobbit for free!

P.F. Chang’s catered dinner yesterday afternoon. I have yet to visit the restaurant, so it was nice to sample some of the food (which I’ve heard is excellent from, like, a million sources). P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps are indeed quite good. (I had a leftover lettuce wrap for lunch today…and another one for dinner, just a few minutes ago.)

There was also this rather large and weird-tasting stick of butter they had out for the breakfast foods, which I kept using on various bagels and other breads, and it wasn’t until much consumption had taken place that I found out it was cream cheese and not butter. Being allergic to dairy and eating cream cheese don’t always go well together…but the Lord has been merciful because I still feel fine (except for the awareness of my stupidity for mistaking cream cheese for butter).

Who says There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?


Cap Stewart said…
That may be more proper grammatically, but the word used is "Ain't"--not "Is".