The Breakfast Bunch

The first part of the workday was fun. I came in to the station smelling food (always a good thing). Bob Bell was cooking eggs on his morning show and he treated me to a tasty omelet. Don’t worry, it was healthy—it had vegetables, no cheese and was cooked without any harmful oils or greases. Then I got to hang out with Todd Agnew and Jason Morant (who were in the studio for an interview). I finally got to ask Todd how he came up with the lyrics for “Grace Like Rain.” (Okay, not really.) Todd likes to cut up…a lot. When someone from Love 89 asked what he was going to play for the concert tonight, he said, “Newsboys songs…from the eighties.” When he talks, he sounds nothing like what he sounds like when he sings. That sentence makes sense…right?


Holly said…
Ahh, I love Todd. He used to be involved with my church back home, Germantown Baptist. And my friend Scott Schefferstein knows Jason Morant; he said that Jason is stinkin' incredible. Cool that you got to meet those guys!