Worship Weekend

Technically, this was no more a “worship weekend” than any other weekend. As theologians have pointed out, we are all worshipping creatures and we are always worshipping something. However, our congregation was privileged to have worship leader Bob Kauflin visit our church and give several messages on the topic of worship—both in its broad sense (living our lives in service to God) and its narrow sense (worshipping through musical expression).

I am continually amazed by the leadership in Sovereign Grace Ministries. Humility and an others-centered mindset characterize every new pastor I meet. Engaging in conversation and fellowship with Mr. Kauflin was greatly encouraging. What he shared with me in response to the issues I am dealing with helped increase my faith.

Mr. Kauflin is also a fan of instrumental music, and film scores in particular! How awesome is that?! It’s not every day I can throw out names like Alan Silvestri, James Newton Howard, and Rachel Portman and have someone actually know who I’m referring to! Our conversation about film music was so engaging that even Mr. Kittrell couldn’t pull him away.

Yes, it was a wonderful weekend.

(For the record, right now I’m listening to Rachel Portman’s score to The Cider House Rules—one of Mr. Kauflin’s favorites. And yes, I’m doing it for the glory of God.)