Who Are Your Friends?

The singles from Cornerstone Church who work downtown meet for lunch once a week (in theory). Today was this week’s day, during which we experienced good food, fun, and fellowship at Shono’s in Market Square. I like these people. I have considered them friends.

However, when I got back to the radio station and visited the facilities, I found out that I had a piece of food stuck between my teeth—very black, very visible. And no one told me about it. How long was it there? I don’t know. I can’t watch myself eat any better than I can listen to myself snore at night—not that I do snore…well, I don’t know if I do, but that’s beside the point. The point is, there were seven “friends” (and one guest) at the table. You expect friends to watch your back (or, in this case, your teeth), but no one did. So…are they really as good of friends as I thought? Maybe there’s something in Proverbs that speaks to this issue….


I'd just like to say that I feel your pain. Just yesterday I walked into the bathroom after meeting with our Regional Manager (who'd come in town for the day) and as I looked in the mirror, I found a big peice of pepper between my two front teeth. Nobody told me either.

And just so you know...I didn't see it...cause due to my recent trauma...I'd have been the first to tell you.
LB said…
Holly Ritchhart is a true friend, yesterday she told me (an I quote), "You have a pirate sailing in the SS Nostril."