A Spiritual rEVOLUTION

Almost 450 churches in the United States celebrated Evolution Sunday this week. Yes, evidently evolution has evolved to the point that it no longer conflicts with Scripture. Blogger Andrew Belli wrote a cleverly facetious post about the ludicrous combination of the “science” of evolution and the sanctity of Scriptural truth. One of the things he did was recite the Five Points of Darwinism, a.k.a. THORN:

Total Vulnerability – we’re at the mercy of nature
Humanism – we must strive to advance a master race
Oops – we’re the product of chance, not design
Resistance is Futile – you will be assimilated
Natural Selection – (although it IS unconditional)

If you want to read the entire post (which includes a priceless rewriting of the Nicene Creed), go here.

Just in case there’s anyone reading this who thinks there is no contradiction between the Scriptural account of creation and the theory of evolution, let me quote WORLD Magazine blog poster PeterS (comment #9) :

If evolution is true, then death preceded man. If death preceded man, then sin did not enter the world through Adam (Romans 5:12). If sin did not enter the world through man, there was no need for Jesus’ substitutionary death. If there was no need for Jesus’ sacrifice, Christianity is pointless.


joanna said…
That's a really great point about death...I had never thought of that before. Succinct, solid, I like it.
great quote cap...thanks for posting this...I didn't know anything about it.