A little tribute

I'd like to take a break from my normal routine of blogging about he cinema and the study of God to blog about a friend. A very good friend. A friend who has changed my life and, indeed, help shape me into the man that I am today.

My friend's name is Leslie Bowden.

Things that you should know about Leslie:

  • Leslie and I were camp counselors at Camp Westminster in Conyers, Georgia during the summer of 1999.
  • Leslie always made me pitch her tents and start her camp fires on camp outs when we worked together. This heavily annoyed me.
  • One time Leslie helped me feed the horses and sunk calf deep into a big pile of muck in the stables. She had a good attitude though and just washed the poo off of her feet. I don't think that she ever helped again.
  • Leslie calls Wallaby Stew, Wampajaw Stew. I don't like it when she does this.
  • Leslie was my favorite Senior Counselor Girl at Camp.
  • Leslie used to yell at guys on the work crew because she found them to be immature and lazy. The guys on the work crew found Leslie to be bossy and lacking in the humor department.
  • Leslie used to sneak into the pool at night with the other girl counselors, this was definitely against the rules.
  • I found out that Leslie had attended New Attitude 1999 and decided that even though she was one of those reformed Christians, maybe she wasn't so bad if she liked Josh Harris.
  • Leslie beat me over the head with this reformed theology stuff and it drove me nuts, but I just smiled and listened to her calvinistic rampages. Then I found out that Leslie went to a church that was also charismatic. I was charismatic, but this freaked me out.
  • Leslie talks a lot.
  • Leslie drinks a lot of caffeine.
  • Leslie likes to make fun of me. It bothers me.
  • I try to be of great encouragement to Leslie.
  • Leslie owns the cutest dog in the world.
  • Leslie is a great cook and charming hostess.
  • Leslie can be really nice, but sometimes she is also very mischevious and mean.
  • Leslie likes to TP cars.
  • Leslie enjoys discussing issues and is always up for a debate.
  • Leslie has a blog too! And it is super fun and interesting!

There is more that I could say, but I think this is enough. So, here's to you Leslie! You're great!


Suzanne said…
Yeah for Leslie!!
LB said…
I'm so honored for this heart felt tribute.

You really shouldn't have.
Claire said…
Leslie Bowden is my HERO!!!!
Cap Stewart said…
It is my privilege to allow you to use me to honor yourself.
joanna said…
wow leslie....you've got skills...computor hacking skills...yeah.
Did Joanna just misspell "computor"?
Wow, are you sure you should be teaching my brother and all his friends?

just kidding