This is what it might look like if President Bush visited a Sovereign Grace Church. Hilarious. (And there I go with that word again.)


Naomi Bogosian said…
Hoy,that piece from Charlotte's Web sounds supciously similar to Edward Scissor Hands...let me guess...Danny Elfman? It's good..it was good the first time, but annoying when they use the same core piece with slight changes here and there. Just like Thomas Newman's Meet Joe Black - whisper of a thrill, and Finding Nemo's main title. What say you?
Cap Stewart said…
Yes, Danny Elfman composed "Charlotte's Web." And yes, the use of choir is stylistically similar to "Edward Scissorhands," which is one reason why I'm so fond of the score. I haven't given the CD a good enough listen to discern whether it's too repetitive, though I can say that wasn't my first impression.

I can't say "repetitive" would represent my opinion of either "Meet Joe Black" or "Finding Nemo" (though I don't own either one of those scores).