The Summit

I joked about going to the Sovereign Grace men’s conference and coming back a man. Well, the joke was on me. To say the conference was a means of grace would be both an oversimplification and an understatement. It was, in fact, a milestone in my Christian walk.

God used the messages (especially the first one, which dealt with denying yourself and following Christ) to point out certain areas of sin in my life—you know, those areas where you think you’re doing well and then you realize once again that you’re a complete sinbag dripping with depravity. As the light of God’s truth exposed selfishness and pride in my life, my heart fought to hold onto its illusion of autonomy. There were a couple of times where I freaked out at the prospect of relinquishing my “right” to organize my life according to my wishes and not God’s will. But by His grace I was able to see the folly of refusing to submit to the Lordship of Christ. After all, self-denial is not an end in and of itself; it is simply the means to finding true and lasting joy. “Whoever loses his life for My sake will save it” (Luke 9:24).

Let me express a heartfelt thanks to those of you who prayed for the men who attended The Summit. Your supplications were answered in amazing ways. I know that experiences similar to mine happened in the lives of many other men from Cornerstone. (Dash even went so far as to say that the conference affected him more than Vision Quest did.) How good of God to give His Spirit to wrath-deserving, blood-bought sinners and affect grace-saturated change!

Oh, and the use of film scores as background music before the meetings was an extra nice touch. You know you’re at a men’s conference when you hear the Barbarian Horde from Gladiator as you take your seat.