Capster’s Dictionary / Word Entry: “Lunch”

Kris Love (evening DJ at Love 89.1 FM) and I have come to a realization: “Lunch” and “Copper Cellar” are synonymous. To call any other meal at any other restaurant “lunch” would be a gross insult. Lunch just doesn’t get any better than this. I need not recount the myriad of culinary pleasures that accompany eating the Copper Cellar hamburger because I have already done so here. Suffice it to say there is no better lunch than that of which we partake every Wednesday at Copper Cellar (“we” being half the staff at Love 89).

Therefore, I have resolved to refer to any other mid-day eat-out excursion as a “meal” or glorified “snack.” The term “lunch” has been redefined by the life-altering succulence of the Copper Cellar hamburger. Eden has come to Knoxville, Tennessee—just a small foretaste of the restored created order described in Revelation.

I remember one Tuesday when I passed Kris in the hallway at work. All I said was, “Tomorrow.” He just nodded and replied, “Tomorrow.” No other words were needed.

The reason I am discussing this topic again is because it has been nearly a month since I’ve had the pleasure of eating a Copper Cellar hamburger. I had partaken of several other burgers from several other restaurants during that time, but none of them fully engaged my taste buds. And having just come back from another great lunch experience with the Love 89 crew, I am once again content. (The withdrawal symptoms were starting to get serious.) I know I’m beating a dead horse—or in this case, a dead and tasty cow—so I’ll bring this to a close.

Copper Cellar is lunch. Really, no other words are needed.


J.O. said…
now capper, is it not true that they use different burgers on their 3.99 days? or are you talking about their normal burger? I'm fat and I like burgers, so sue me.

Cap Stewart said…
To be honest, I've never eaten at Copper Cellar except on a Wednesday, and I've never had anything but the hamburger and I don't know if there's a “special Wednesday burger” and a “normal day burger” or if they’re one and the same.
Angela said…
Well, you have officially made me long for home. Atlanta may have a lot of things, but it does not have anything close to the amazing $3.99 Copper Cellar taste of heaven. And honestly Cap, none of my Atlanta friends have shown such a relish for food the way you do on Wednesdays. It makes me sad.