Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brief Sabbatical

I’ll be heading to Charlotte, NC tomorrow for Sovereign Grace’s mid-south “Making of a Man” conference. Hopefully, I shall come back a man.

But seriously, please pray that this time will be a means of grace for those of us who are going.


Naomi Bogosian said...

Since you're in NC anyway, I think a stop at Jessica and her husband Jason's place would be worth while.I promise you it won't be awkward at all. well ok maybe just a little bit. haha ok maybe a lot. but you should do it. i mean they live in close right...of course right. You can see my cousins and my dad and my brother david. haha DO IT! It will change your life...(ambiguity - is that even a word? - intended).

Cap Stewart said...

Did I know Jessica was in NC? I thought she and her husband were in Canada!

(They don't not call me Cap the Astute for nothing.)

Naomi Bogosian said...

Heh, well she did used to live in Alaska... so I can see how you thought it was Canada...they're both filled with miles of trees and haha, But now she actually lives in SC and not NC, but since they're both carolina's...I was thinking they must be close by and thus you should visit. alas, you did not. *sigh* i guess you'll never be a real man now tsk tsk. haha just messing. :D

Cap Stewart said...

Ha! As I said, there's a reason why I'm not known as Cap the Astute.