Spam: the Silver Lining

I think we can all agree that spam is evil. If Adam and Eve had been created in our age, the first result of the Fall would have been Adam’s inbox being flooded with spam.

Well, I recently received an unsolicited email that is well worth reading. It is filled with garbled sentences that make absolutely no sense, albeit in a hilarious fashion. I have posted a few examples below for your reading enjoyment.

  1. When an orbiting buzzard trembles, a wheelbarrow hides.
  2. When a garbage can is ridiculously feline, another chessboard over a wedding dress graduates from a highly paid carpet tack.
  3. A graduated cylinder related to a stovepipe throws a thoroughly impromptu bullfrog at a steam engine, or an infected apartment building finds subtle faults with a crispy traffic light.
  4. If the customer beyond a chessboard sells some minivan about the traffic light to some greasy blood clot, then a knowingly treacherous salad dressing panics.
  5. If a non-chalantly incinerated insurance agent plays pinochle with an often-fat tornado, then a scythe inside a dolphin gets stinking drunk.
  6. When you see the chessboard, it means that the insurance agent self-flagellates.
  7. Furthermore, the class action suit related to a microscope hesitates, and the familiar senator accidentally negotiates a prenuptial agreement with an avocado pit.


joanna said…
I think those are Madlibs that Kevin Shipp created.
Cap Stewart said…
So Kevin Shipp makes money on the side by writing spam? I think there needs to be a new Manlaw at Manspeak: if you sham with spam, you're a girly ma'am (or something like that).
Holly said…
an impromptu bullfrog? an infected apartment? a greasy blood clot? holy moly, those are hilarious. i love it when i get those kind of spam emails; they're the only ones i'll actually read.