The Vacation, Part 2

My sister’s house is the flipping bomb. Let me explain.

We arrived late at night, so we couldn’t see much of the scenery. The next morning, I was the first to wake up and wander into the living room, which has a couple large windows looking out at Hood Canal. The vista that met my eyes almost took my breath away. The house is right on the beach, overlooking the mile-and-a-half-wide canal and the mountain ranges on the other side. The other three sides of the house are nestled in the woods. Yes, the house is on a beach in the middle of a forest—a little snapshot of Heaven itself. (You can view a live-cam shot of the canal here.)

One day, Dale (my brother in law—although not the Dale in the website above) took Danny and me out in his little motor boat to go crabbing. We baited and set the traps and took an extended tour of the canal, stopping short of the restricted waters that surround the nearby naval base. (Although Dale tells us the military is very friendly—they’ll come out and visit you if you ignore the warning signs.) We caught, killed, and cooked some absolutely delicious crab. In fact, all the food we ate at the house was extraordinary. A neighbor brought over some of his smoked salmon, which is the best fish I have ever eaten in my entire life. He’s actually a professional caterer. I mean, this dude can COOK!

My sister also took us on a hike through their land (which comprises some seven acres of unspoiled West Coast Wonderland). There’s even room for a potential additional house (with another awesome view—this time from a cliff overlooking the canal).

Of course, the house is especially special because it’s where my sister lives. Rose is a dentist who was recently interviewed for a cover article in Catalyst, a dentistry magazine. Her husband (Dale, of course) is awesome as well, as are their two daughters. My nieces are avid soccer players and we got the chance to attend a couple of their games as well.

We also got to visit another sister in Tacoma—Marlene (who is a Dental Hygienist and worked with Rose for a while). It was great being able to see them and hang out with the newest addition to their family, Russell Stuart. (Here’s a funny thing. Rose has red hair, although none of her children have red hair. Marlene does not have red hair, and all three of her children have red hair. Yes. Genes are funny things.) They are currently working on completely renovating a house a few blocks away from where they live. Much of the house has been gutted and the new insides are beginning to take shape.

Scott and Marlene had a cookout the evening we arrived at their house, so we got to see even more family as well. We had a fantastic time—short though it was.

As a side note: at the end of our vacation, Scott was the one who drove us to the airport at 4:30 in the morning before he went to work. He has quite the servant’s heart. (Yes, Rose and Marlene married quite well.)

The next installment of the Vacation Chronicles involves a mountain, a fire, and a lot of pain. Stay tuned…