Sensational Southern Sweetness

As y’all know, I ain’t no Southerner. I was a (forced) transplant. One thing I’ve had trouble understanding is how the words “sweet” and “tea” can go in the same sentence. When I think of tea, I imagine Oriental music and herbal aromas, not Rocky Top and mounds of sugar.

[Insert David Crowder’s I Saw the Light]

Well, I have had a “beverage epiphany.” Mcalister’s Deli catered a meal at work a couple days ago. Among other things, they provided a hefty amount of sweet tea. With one sip, I became addicted. This drink is gloriously delectable. In fact, there are several containers of tea still in the fridge in the break room…and I’m drinking the stuff by the gallon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go visit John (or, as he is often called, The John).


Holly said…
you mean you JUST NOW figured out how awesome sweet tea is? psssh, that is unacceptable.
Cap Stewart said…
Somehow I knew you were going to respond to this post.