Go West, Young Man

So many words could describe my trip to the West Coast. Stupendous. Amazing. Thrilling. Chronological. In short, my vacation was AWESOME! I’ll be posting about my experiences next week, dividing my trip up into different sections/posts. I carry pictures and video from the trip with me on my trusty cell phone, so ask me to show them to you.

As stated before, I haven’t visited my sisters and grandmother in Washington State in almost a decade, and I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE the West Coast. Real mountains. Real forests. Real oceans. I’m convinced that when God created North America He began on the West, and as He moved farther East He started running out of ideas. (That’s just my opinion, but it’s true.)

One thing I’d like you guys to pray about. One of my sisters has been trying to get me to move out there for quite some time. Until my trip, I hadn’t really considered that an option. Now, I have to say it’s officially on the docket as a possibility. In fact, if Sovereign Grace had a church near the Hood Canal, I would be sorely tempted to call the move a no brainer. You’d understand better if you saw pictures/video of where my sister lives.

If I did move, it wouldn’t be right away—no sooner than six months, at least. Such a decision would need to come only after much study, prayer, and receiving a lot of counsel. In the meantime, I am also struggling with discontentment. In fact, the whole issue might not really be whether or not I should move; it could very well just be me needing to be content with my current circumstances. Whatever the case, any and all prayers would be much appreciated.


Holly said…
You're not allowed to leave. If you leave I will freaking kill you.
Naomi Bogosian said…
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Naomi Bogosian said…
Hey Cap,

It's so weird, I can't believe this is your blog, I haven't seen you since I was around 7 and living in California :D. Anyway, I hope you're doing well!

Take care,
Naomi Bogosian said…
Heh, and that "deleted comment" was mine...I can't hide it doh! ehe (sheepish laugh)
Cap Stewart said…
Naomi? Oh my gosh! It's great to hear from you! E-mail me sometime and let me know how the family is.
Jillian said…
Cap, I just wanted to inform you that God started on the East coast and moved West. This is evidenced by the fact that our mountain ranges on the East are old and worn; they are something like twice as old as those on the West coast. The weather has definitely taken it's toll on our beautiful East coast mountains by causing erosion and smoothing of the surface. This has not happened to the mountains out West and that leaves the rugged and sharp looking mountains (such as the Tetons) that we are often captivated with. The East caost was once like that, and the West coast will continue to become as the East coast now is...weathered by God's magnificent creation of meteorological processes.

On another note, I entirely agree with your sentiments for the West coast. I love it there! It's so unique and beautiful! I'll be praying about your decision to move that God provides much counsel and wisdom.