Christian Hedonist Upgrade

John Piper’s website, DesiringGod, has been revamped. Now, all his sermons are available in audio format for free—yes, all of them. On the main page, there’s also a Resource Highlights section, which includes audio files of “Today’s Radio Broadcast” and “This Week’s Question.”

On a related note, a couple spots have opened up on Joy 62’s programming, and I’ve asked if John Piper’s radio show could be one of the replacement programs. We are in negotiations to see if that is a possibility. Would it not be awesome to have Piper on a Knoxville radio station every stinking day?! Nevertheless, please pray for the Lord’s will to be done in this matter.


Carlito T. Z. said…
Dude! i love the new DG site.. i'm going to be rocking that like a champ... man, that would be awesome to have piper's show on the radio. i'll pray that it happens...

hope all is well, capster.. we need to catch up soon.

- C to the Z