A Saga of Cellular Proportions

As they say, there’s a first time for everything. Well, yesterday I dropped my cell phone for the first time. I had just stepped out of my car in the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot. (Uh, I wasn’t there for me—just so you know.) As my hand brought my phone down to place it in my pocket, my fingers got tripped up in the pocket flap and the phone slipped from my grip.

You know how Hammy the Squirrel in Over the Hedge was able to move like lightning while everything else around him moved at a snail’s pace? That’s what my eyes and mind did. (The rest of my body, unfortunately, was not so quick to respond.) I had time to watch the phone fall in slow motion as the cruel arm of gravity drug it through the air and toward the hard surface of the concrete below. I remember my exact words at the time (although I have sense repented).

With a loud clickity-clack, the spinning LG landed on its backside and bounced—yes, bounced—back into the air. It flipped over, then landed again, this time on its front side, where all the delicate outer surface parts are located (camera lens, plastic plate/display, etc.). You’d think that would be the end of my phone’s journey. But no. It noisily glided across the concrete as if it were on a frozen lake. I am not kidding you. The U.S. Curling Association would have been impressed with the distance it slid. I had to chase my phone through the parking lot like an ice skater after accidentally slinging his partner away.

Amazingly enough, I discovered very little damage when I finally recovered my precious device. The camera lens was fine and there were only a few minor scratches on the outer display. The phone still works, for which I am extremely grateful.

This incident has led to a dilemma. You see, I bought a leather covering with which to protect my phone. I have been hesitant to use it, though, because…well, it covers the phone up. I have received much pleasure from beholding my phone’s aesthetic beauty. I want to protect it from further injury, but I also want to enjoy the freedom of gazing at it whenever I please (which is every minute or so). This conflict of interests would be easier to resolve if I could just decide that I will never drop my phone again. But life doesn’t work like that.

Maybe I can attach the phone to my pants…or glue it to my hand…or something.


Anonymous said…
Wow, this is weird. I know you...or rather KNEW you, but you probably don't know me anymore. Oh well, such is life. I'm sorry you dropped your phone. Soundtracks are awesome, if you haven't already, check out "legends of the fall" although i'm sure you have already...it's rather old now isn't it.

Anyway, I also noticed that you claim to be a romantic, and because of this i believe...no i KNOW you should read Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen is pretty good (although her characters tend to pop up in all her novels - which make her stories, once all have been read, seem to blend into one gigantic novel). But i'm running away with myself. Just read Pride and Prejudice. Wow, i've written you a whole research paper in the space for one little old comment...and you don't even know me. MOhahahahaha. ;0) take care and God Bless,


you thought i was going to put my name didn't you ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh and the superman soundtrack is EXCELLENT...i enjoyed listening to it while "surfing" the web..haha nice.
Squatty said…
Or you could build an altar for it, a nice place to perch it while you burn incense and bow to it.