Random and Peripheral Thoughts on New Attitude

See me near the front right? (I can’t either.)

The ride up to Louisville involved two fifteen-passenger vans and one car. Each vehicle had a name that corresponded with something in The Wizard of Oz. The car was Toto. The van I rode in was Dorothy. We dubbed the other van The Wicked Witch, but for some reason they didn’t like that name. Instead, they decided to be called White Tornado. (I liked our choice better.)

As we unpacked in our Galt House hotel room (which was a rather large and sweet suite), Zach Willis and I talked about sleep—I wanted to get some sleep during the weekend and he didn’t. In fact, he called me a pansy for desiring some good rest while in Louisville. Well, strangely enough, every night I returned to the hotel room, the lights were off and everyone was fast asleep. Pansy my foot.

This looks like a superhero pose.

Michael Claytor and I went to dinner at Hard Rock Café Sunday night. They had a live band playing really loud music. I mean really loud. We couldn’t even talk during most of the meal. But I guess I don’t have any right to complain. After all, the name of the restaurant is Hard Rock Café.

At the Spaghetti Factory, I was reminded that I hate Fettuccini Alfredo. The Alfredo sauce is way too…white…and pasty…and nasty. Yuck. And I was reminded that I hate red wine. It’s way too…red…and dry…and bitter. Yuck. I also decided that I don’t really like eating at the Spaghetti Factory. The food there is too…sub-par…and the portions are too small…and the overall experience is an insult to Italian food. Yuck.

The official conference Courtesy Ninjas. (Don't ask.)

In case you stumble across a weird picture of me in our hotel room (which someone has threatened to post somewhere on the Internet in the near future), there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. I was simply expressing through body language a description Jeremy Bryant gave. In any case, my little pantomime caused Jeremy to erupt with spasmodic laughter for several minutes—which, in turn, made me laugh until I wanted to throw up.

Speaking of upchucking, it was quite funny when, in the last main session, Josh (Harris) mentioned all the truth we had ingested during the weekend—and how, if we heard one more message, we would throw up New Attitude all over the place.

“Save the Wheel.” Round screens. Get it?


mouth said…
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has laughed that hard... It's just, you were able to say "until I almost", but I have not been so fortunate :) I'm glad y'all had a great time at NA!