So Dark the Con of Dan

One of the tag lines for the “Da Vinci Code” movie is “So Dark the Con of Man” (hinting at the supposed con of the Catholic church in keeping under wraps the “truth” that Jesus was a mere man who married Mary Magdalene and whose religious movement was really all about the “sacred feminine”). In fact, you can type in and your browser will automatically redirect you to the website for the movie.

Well, a thought just hit me: since the author’s name of “The Da Vinci Code” is Dan Brown, wouldn’t it be funny if someone created a spoof website based on the phrase “so dark the con of Dan”? On a whim, I typed that phrase as a URL into my web browser…and lo and behold, it already exists! Pretty funny, if you ask me. Check it out: So Dark the Con of Dan

And yes, those italicized words do spell out a secret message (both there and here).


Holly said…
So dark the con of crap! I WIN.
Cap Stewart said…
Well, you're pretty close. I don't know where you got that second "r" though. My name is Cap.