Lunch: the Best Part of the Workday

Don’t get me wrong—I Love 89 my job. (Haha, ain’t I witty?) But lunch is quickly becoming the best part of the day. Some examples…

Last Wednesday, a few of us from work went to lunch at the Copper Cellar on Cumberland. They have an awesome Wednesday special: hamburger and fries for $3.99. I’d eaten there once before for lunch and it was great. Last Wednesday, it was out of this world. In fact, it may very well have been the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten.

Every bite was a succulent sensation of taste-bud-delighting magnificence. The texture and flavor of all the different hamburger elements were exquisite: the tenderness of the burger, the crunchy freshness of the lettuce, onions, and pickles, and the softness of the bun all combined to provide a lunch-eating experience like no other! It’s as if my order was rerouted to Heaven and God Himself made my hamburger. (You think I’m joking?)

And then there were the fries! No one makes ‘em like Copper Cellar. The special seasoning they use is unsurpassed in culinary grandeur. I finished my meal and then helped Angela finish her fries. And then I ate the rest of Jennifer’s fries. French fries to my heart’s joyous content!

Food is a gift, and Wednesday’s lunch was like…Christmas for my taste buds. I decided to never eat lunch again in honor of that meal. This decision didn’t last very long, though—I was hungry for lunch the following day.

Then, in lieu of a CCK singles downtown lunch meeting on Friday, I took four ladies from work to Moe’s. Although we didn’t know it until we got there, Moe’s was having a special: one free “Cinco de Moe’s” T-shirt for every patron. Now that’s what I’m talking about! With my free T, my Joey (what I usually order), and fun conversation (the highlight being a discussion on the last episode of “The Office”), life was good. (Although I wouldn’t advise mixing Sprite and Lemonade. Yuck. Bad choice.)

You know, God could have made eating as dull as filling up your car at the gas station. Instead, He made the replenishment of our bodies an opportunity for great delight.

Speaking of great delight…tomorrow is Wednesday. I hear the Copper Cellar calling my name. Well, okay, it’s been calling my name ever since last Wednesday, but I finally get to answer the call tomorrow.


Squatty said…
Cap, I agree in every way. I have been saying for a long time that the Cellar has the BEST fries. And I also continually thank God for making us with taste and the knowledge of food preparation and cooking.
Suzanne said…
Calhouns on Bearden Hill has the same deal on Mondays. I've been told that all the "Cooper Cellar" Restaurants - Calhouns and Copper Cellar - have that 3.99 burger deal. There's one every day of the week. You just have to know which restaurant has it on what days.
Cap Stewart said…
We all need to get a church group together sometime and experience the wonders of the Copper Cellar/Calhouns burgers together!