Vision Quest

I have to agree with Joanna : I’m psyched about what God will be doing this week in the lives of our church’s college students while they’re in Laguna Beach, Florida.

But for those of you who didn’t go, I was able to preview a part of a video some of the VFCers put together for the trip. It involves a mock news program that involves mostly weather-related reports. As you might expect, it’s quite funny. Katie Roach plays a disgruntled weather lady. She gives her two-week's notice right in the middle of her forecast. But the best part is near the end, when the news anchor (Kevin Shipp) starts to wrap things up, only to be knocked out of the way by the weather lady, who gives the following speech to the viewers:

“Listen up you kids out there with your big dreams and your life ahead of you. I’ll tell you something, next time someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, tell them, ‘Nothing! I don't want to be anything!’ Don’t be a doctor, don’t be an astronaut, don’t be a teacher, and for goodness’ sakes, don’t be a weather lady. Take your art boxes and your soccer balls and your stethoscopes and throw ‘em away! Careers are useless, and they’re vanity and...just...go live under a bridge or something!”

The camera then cuts off and goes to a “bars and tone” screen for several seconds. When we come back to the newsroom, Kevin is fixing his hair. He looks at the camera, apologizes for the technical difficulties, and then Katie comes rushing back on the set, saying, “Technical difficulties?! I'll show you technical difficult—” and then the screen cuts back to bars and tone. Hilarious, I tell ya!

Granted, it’s not as funny when you just read it (their inflections, facial expressions, and hand motions are needed for full effect), but I thought it was great. Each time I watched it, I was in stitches—and I kept watching it over and over again. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys…for what it was worth.