Chinese Food + Mountain Dew = Hiccups

It’s true. After lunch, I went back into the production studio to record a spot with one of our DJs. The moment I took my first sip of Mountain Dew, I started hiccuping. I’m talking gut-busting, body-wracking, lung-convulsing hiccups. It makes it harder to record a voice over when you’re body frequently and spasmodically goes HHHHUUPPT!

Other random news:

  • The carpet at the Christian Media Center is going to be ripped out and replaced this month. We’re moving everything into one big room. Fun! (That’s both serious and sarcastic. It is fun because we keep goofing off while we move stuff, but it’s also not fun because…well, because we have to move stuff.)
  • The Lord led me to a great place on 5th Avenue to get two new (well, used, but new to me) tires for my car. Reasonable Ron’s Used Tires has very reasonable prices (who’d a thunk it?). $16 for a nice used tire sure beats $48 for a brand new one. If you ever need to buy a tire, this is the place to go. They’re lightning fast, too. I was in and out of there in, like, five minutes.
  • Dennis DeShazer, co-creator of Barney the Oh-So-Maddeningly-Awful Dinosaur, has co-created a new children’s CG series: Boz, The Green Bear Next Door. No, I am not kidding. Yes, Boz really is green. And we’re doing a commercial for Boz on Love 89. I think Mr. DeShazer needs to go hunting with Dick Cheney.


Hunting with Dick Chaney...that's not a good idea...oh wait...I get it....LOL!
Brendan (anderson) said…
I have learned of a cure for hiccups: you have to think back...waaaay back into your past. Ask yourself a random question like what was your best friend's phone number growing up in California? Exactly how many stairs were there leading to the 2nd level of your house? What was your 1st grade teacher's name? Ponder these questions intently and your hiccups will have vanished. I'd honestly say this method is 95% effective!
Anonymous said…
Awww that last line was cold!