My Car is Tired

Or, to be more accurate, I could say my care is de-tired. Or, to be most accurate, I could say my car has another flat tire. Because it does (have another flat, that is). This time, it’s the front right tire.

The worse news: due to my procrastination, I haven’t replaced my old spare tire (which is now my front left tire). So now I need to buy two new tires. It’s my own fault. Idleness is indeed the devil’s playground…and I just got schooled.

At least, by God’s grace, I’m laughing about it more than anything else. I could be hopping mad…but that would just make me tired. And I don’t need to be tired when my car is, de-tired...tire-less...whatever.


Mike said…
so I've been throwing all my spare and used nails in front of and around your car for a while, (sort of a nail dumping area if you will) and I just realized that there may have been consequences for my actions.

sorry cap, i didn't know.