Fundraiser Ideas

The weekly lunch meetings for CCK singles are turning into weekly “Cap and the girls” lunches. Not that I’m complaining. I grew up around a bunch of girls so I’m used to it. Anyway, we discussed (among many other things) fund-raising ideas for the singles ministry formerly known as SPAM. A couple thoughts we developed:
  1. Take the clichéd “host a dinner” and “car wash” ideas and combine them into a fundraising extravaganza. People could come to the church parking lot, where we would serve them a spaghetti dinner. They could enjoy the meal in their vehicles while we washed them (the cars, that is). The evening would be called “Sonic Flood.” (Get it? Ha! Creativity at its finest!)
  2. Host a singles auction. Instead of auctioning off used items (which wouldn’t rake in a lot of dough), we would auction off CCK singles for a date night. It would be called “Courtship Kickoff.” No, we did not get this idea from Josh Harris. Our inspiration came from the book How to Date Like the World Without Actually Conforming to It (Too Much), by Al Weys Dheting.
We have yet to run these ideas by the pastoral team but I’m confident they will see both the wisdom and moneymaking potential of the events.


Nice..."Al Weys Dating"...great author...I've read tons of his stuff.
Anonymous said…
I am sure the pastoral team will like the idea of the dating auction. I wish I could be there for that conversation.