About that last post

The tribute to Leslie below, while 95% accurate, actually wasn't posted by me. Take a look at all those links—I don’t know how to do that (as I recently mentioned in my “Anxiety and Isaiah 6” post). A good friend of mine hacked into my blog. Interestingly enough, that friend was Leslie Bowden.

Now, to be fair: Leslie did a good job of posting stuff that I probably would have written—except for Franklin being the cutest dog in the world. Oh, and I really am not annoyed by Leslie. In fact, I think I annoy her more than she annoys me. It is largely because of my friendship with her that I came to Cornerstone. And Cornerstone has literally changed my life. So how could I thank God enough for Leslie Bowden? Her maturity in the Lord continually provokes me to grow in godliness.

And so Leslie has that dichotomy of being an hospitable hostess and an intrusive computer hacker. Talk about a well-rounded individual.


there you go ruining my fun! :) So glad to be your friend.
That's just amazingly amusing! I was pretty impressed at the original post...and now that I know it was actually LB...I am every more impressed.